Honolulu Guide: Best Hotels, Restaurants and Beaches

Honolulu used to be known under the name of Oahu County, being a city-county that is situated in Hawaii. Honolulu County refers to the city of Honolulu, but also to the island of O’ahu that Honolulu is located on and several smaller islands situated nearby.

Honolulu is also the capital of the U.S state of Hawaii and it represents a popular destination especially because of the famous Waikiki Beach that you have probably heard of many times.

map of hawaii islands

Map of Hawaii Islands | Image Source: Worldatlas.com

Honolulu weather is warm and humid throughout the entire year, having a tropical climate. There are two main season: winter and summer. During the winter, the temperatures aren’t much lower even though you can expect a lot of rainfall.

Best Hotels on the Island

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Things To Do in Honolulu

Except visiting the famous Waikiki beach, you have plenty of other things to do in Honolulu, such as getting to the exciting natural locations like the volcanic Diamond Head crater, visit places with a lot of historic importance, as well as engaging in various water sports or hiking.

Honolulu offers tourists a full Hawaiian experience, beyond your imagination.

Take the Pearl Harbor Tour

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor | Image Source: Wikipedia

In Honolulu, you have an amazing opportunity to visit places where important things for the history of the United States have happened. You can visit the USS Arizona Memorial, a battleship that is sunken since World War II, as well as the USS Missouri Battleship and the price for a complete tour is $74.99.

Visit the Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach Hawaii | Image Source: Allnumis.com

Since you are in Honolulu, you must be interested in seeing the wide-known beach that you heard so much about. It’s a perfect beach for families with kids because it has several facilities for them, however it can be quite crowded at times.

Hike to the Diamond Head

diamond head oahu

Diamond Head Oahu | Image Source: Wikipedia

This is a very interesting volcanic crater that you can only reach by hiking so be prepared for an intense physical activity. The view is simply amazing and breathtaking, being totally worth the effort. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture Diamond Head and the surrounding landscape.

Walk through Foster Botanical Gardens

Honolulu has one of the most versatile flora in the world and in this place, you are able to enjoy watching more than 4,000 different species of plants that can only be found in the tropical climate.

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

hanauma bay snorkeling

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay | Image Source: Tripadvisor

If you love snorkeling than you must take daily Hanauma Bay tour. This beach is just amazing and of course very crowdy because it is one of the most popular turist destination in Oahu.

Bars and Restaurants

north shore oahu

North Shore Oahu Sign | Image Source: Wikipedia

Want to try out some of the local food in Honolulu or maybe some dishes traditional for the islands nearby? Here is a selection of the best restaurants/bars that you can find in the capital city of Hawaii.

The delicious food that you will eat in Honolulu could actually turn out to be one of things that you will miss the most about this city.

  • Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha – This restaurant, situated in the Aina Haina Shopping Center, provides clients with cuisine that belongs to the local, traditional Hawaiian cuisine and the rest of the meals are created for vegetarians. You definitely have to try out the fruit syrups from here, they are 100% natural and absolutely delicious!
  • Steak Shack – For those of you who are more interested in meats, Steak Shack is a wonderful place to eat in while you’re in Honolulu, being located on 2161 Kalia Road. All the meals belong to the typical American menu consisting mainly in steaks but they taste great and they are available under reasonable prices.
  • Roy’s Waikiki Beach – You shouldn’t leave Honolulu without trying out the butterfish from Roy’s Waikiki Beach, that you can find on 226 Lewers Street. The menu is American and you are able to try out several tasty dishes and benefit from excellent service.