Honolulu Airport Arrivals (HNL)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Kona (KOA) Southwest Airlines WN2008 04:25 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Hawaiian Airlines HA321 04:28 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Hawaiian Airlines HA324 04:30 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA305 04:30 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA317 04:31 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA384 04:44 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Southwest Airlines WN2092 04:55 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA337 04:59 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA335 05:02 Scheduled
Kalaupapa (LUP) Southern Airways Express 9X584 05:02 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL317 05:11 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL465 05:12 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Southwest Airlines WN2125 05:15 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN3632 05:15 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Hawaiian Airlines HA334 05:23 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA347 05:24 Scheduled
Hoolehua (MKK) Southern Airways Express 9X209 05:25 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA300 05:29 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN1706 05:30 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Southwest Airlines WN2131 05:35 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Hawaiian Airlines HA341 05:41 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA345 05:41 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA357 06:03 Scheduled
Lahaina (JHM) Southern Airways Express 9X521 06:18 Scheduled
Lanai City (LNY) Southern Airways Express 9X829 06:25 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Hawaiian Airlines HA381 06:29 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Hawaiian Airlines HA374 06:33 Scheduled
Hoolehua (MKK) Southern Airways Express 9X957 06:36 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN1938 06:40 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Southwest Airlines WN3696 06:40 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Southwest Airlines WN3700 06:45 Scheduled
Agana (GUM) United Airlines UA200 06:50 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Southwest Airlines WN2292 06:55 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA385 06:55 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Aloha Air Cargo KH43 07:19 Scheduled
Hoolehua (MKK) Southern Airways Express 9X723 07:21 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA387 07:22 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA694 07:39 Scheduled
Kauai Island (LIH) Hawaiian Airlines HA514 07:45 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Southwest Airlines WN2422 07:45 Scheduled
Kona (KOA) Hawaiian Airlines HA507 07:47 Scheduled
Maui (OGG) Hawaiian Airlines HA515 07:53 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA143 07:58 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA1509 08:01 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Hawaiian Airlines HA531 08:04 Scheduled
Hilo (ITO) Southwest Airlines WN2448 08:10 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Honolulu Airport

Honolulu Airport was opened in March 1927 as John Rodgers Airport, named after World War I naval officer John Rodgers. Today the airport is the 29th busiest airport in the United States and handled 20,990,932 passengers in 2018. The passenger numbers are still increasing year by year.

Honolulu International Airport Ground Transportation

Honolulu Airport is located approximately 3 miles/5 km northwest of Honolulu's central district, on Oahu Island of the State of Hawaii.

Visitors traveling to and from Honolulu Airport can find convenient and comfortable transfer opportunities, including:

  • Buses: The City & County of Honolulu offers bus services from Honolulu Airport. The buses run approximately every 30 minutes, depending on the route number, which includes no. 19, 20, and 31.
  • Taxis: Taxis are available on the center median in front of the baggage claim areas from the terminals. A taxi journey from Honolulu Airport to the City Center of Waikiki takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • Airport Shuttles: Travelers can find various hotels and resorts that provide a shuttle service for their disposal to get them to and from HNL Airport. Furthermore, Roberts Hawaii Express Shuttle provides an on-demand shuttle bus service at Honolulu Airport.
  • Car Rental Companies: All passengers at Honolulu International Airport can book a rental vehicle through one of the many operating car rental companies that serve Honolulu Airport.

Honolulu Airport is located close to the City Center of Waikiki and a car ride only takes about 15 minutes, depending on traffic. The main roads leading to the airport are Nimitz Highway and the Queen Liliuokalani Freeway of Interstate H-1.

The address of the HNL Airport can be found below:
Honolulu International Airport (Daniel K. Inouye International Airport)
300 Rodgers Blvd
HI 96819
United States

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Honolulu Airport by telephone on +1 808 836 6411.

Drop-off and pick-up of passengers at Honolulu International Airport

All visitors at Honolulu Airport can find easily accessible drop-off and pick-up areas. Drop off areas can be found outside the passenger terminals of the airport.

Drivers that want to pick up arriving passengers should wait in the Cellular Telephone Waiting areas. When your passengers have collected their luggage, exited the baggage claim area, and are waiting at the curb they can call you on your cell phone. Then you can proceed directly to the curbside pickup area. By using the Cellular Telephone Waiting areas, you don’t have to drive around the terminal while waiting for your visitors.

At the Cell Phone Waiting area, there is a maximum waiting time of 60 minutes. The driver must stay inside their vehicle while waiting. Unattended vehicles will be cited and towed.

Two cell phone waiting areas are available at the airport

  • Diamond Head Cell Phone Area is located on Aolele Street, near the intersection with Lagoon Drive.
  • Ewa Cell Phone Waiting Area is located on Service Road A near the Airport Post Office (intersection of Nimitz Highway and Aolele Street).

For more information on how to access the pick-up and drop-off, areas please visit this website.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the parking staff at HNL Airport on telephone number: +1 808 861 1260.

Honolulu International Airport - Special Need Services

Honolulu International Airport has ensured that passengers with disabilities can easily move through the airport facilities. Travelers with disabilities will generally find that the airport is wheelchair accessible.

Furthermore, you can find assigned staff to help provide any assistance to passengers with disabilities around the clock. Airlines will provide assistance to passengers with special needs through their Skycap (porter) services. However, please make sure that you make a relevant request at least 48 hours prior to the departure of your flight for any special services to ensure assistance.

Vehicles with a valid disability card can park in one of the marked parking spaces available in all parking structures. You can find these at the following locations:

  • In the International Parking Garage, accessible spaces are located on the ground level of the structure.
  • In Terminal 2 Parking Garage, accessible spaces are located at each end of each floor and on the ground level of the structure.
  • In Terminal 1 Parking Garage, accessible spaces are located near the elevators on each floor, at the center and each end of the structure.

For further information, please visit Honolulu International Airport’s special assistance page.

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